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Parkland patient wants you to TXT L8R

Nash, a 28-year-old burn survivor and Parkland patient with 29 surgeries and counting, is reminded of her mistake to text while driving every time she changes bandages or glances in the mirror.

“Looking back and thinking about my careless decision to text and drive, I thank God I was alone at the time of my accident and did not injure or kill someone else," Nash said.

Self-pity and anger would be understandable. Instead Nash is channeling her energy toward a happier ending. In between therapies, Nash visits students, churches, radio stations and whoever else is willing to listen.

Her warning is so effective because she is candid about the details of her accident. Her website, www.jamienashtxtl8r.com, shows pictures of her charred car and her bone-burned arms.

“My spirit is one that looks forward to doing anything and everything that will make me better," Nash said.

On June 27, 2010, Nash was sending a text message – so unimportant she can"t remember what it said – while driving her PT Cruiser east of Ennis on State Highway 85. She lost control of the car. It rolled, pinned against a tree and burst into flames. The door wouldn"t budge. She burned.

Nash was flown to Parkland and remained in a coma for 10 weeks with third and fourth degree burns to more than 70 percent of her body.

Since her accident Nash has become an ambassador to keep others from texting while driving.


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