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Funding for Severe Illnesses

A severe illness may happen suddenly or take years to develop. We understand that some illnesses or accidents are so severe that a patient may no longer be able to work. This can create a difficult time for the patient and his/her immediate family.

Our business office is committed to helping patients who have become severely ill or were involved in a serious accident. Our staff can access programs that can help get funding for medical care needed to help improve the quality of life for our patients. These programs include:

  • Social Security Medicare
  • Social Security Medicaid
  • Parkland HEALTHplus

Patients who apply for Social Security assistance are possibly eligible for two types of help. First, a patient may be eligible for the medical insurance known as Medicare and/or Medicaid. Secondly, patients who can no longer work may also be eligible to receive a monthly check as replacement for losing the ability to earn a regular income.

If you have become ill and need care or were recently hospitalized due to a lengthy illness or serious accident, please call Financial Services at 214.590.4900 or come by one of our hospital offices. We will gladly explain the different funding programs that may be best for you and your specific needs.


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