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Nurse Family Partnership

The Nurse Family Partnership is a pre-natal and early childhood nurse visitation program that improves the health and social functioning of Medicaid eligible first-time mothers and their babies.

This is a voluntary program that uses Registered Nurses as home visitors to prevent maternal and
child health problems. Nurse visits begin early in pregnancy and continue providing services for two years after the child is born.

The nurse provides education and counseling on health, parenting, developmental issues and life skills.

Program Goals:

Healthy Pregnancy ~
Nurses help new mother’s-to-be improve their diet and nutrition, utilize proper obstetrical care, and avoid use of tobacco and other harmful substances.

Healthy Children ~
First-time mothers learn how to provide responsible and competent care, particularly in the areas of children’s physical and emotional health and safety. Nurses help parents build a strong support network of friends and family.

Healthy Personal Development ~
Together, nurses and parents create a vision for the future that includes a plan for future pregnancies, steps toward continuing education, and securing adequate employment.

Research and experience have proven to be important to the program’s effective operation and ability to yield consistently good outcomes for parents and their children:

  • The program focuses on low-income, first-time mothers.
  • The home visitors are Registered Nurses.
    Nurses follow program guidelines that focuses on the mother’s personal health, quality of caregiving for the child, and parents’ own life-course development.
  • Nurses begin making home visits during pregnancy (before the 28th week, ideally before the 20th week) and continue through the first two years of the child’s life.
  • Nurses follow a visit schedule keyed to the developmental stages of pregnancy and early
  • Nurses involve the mother’s support system including: family members, fathers (when appropriate)
    and friends.

Models and Service Area
The core service models of the Nurse Family Partnership are Outreach and Client Recruitment, Case Management, Interconceptional Care, Depression Screening, Referral Health Education and Consortium.

Program Information:
3310 Live Oak, Suite 410
Dallas, Texas 75204
214.266.1140 (phone)
214.266.1131 (fax)

Program Supervisor
Karla McCoy, RN, BSN, MS

Program Administrator
Ruby Taylor, DNP


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