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What do I have to do to be appointed?
The process by which information, provided by a Resident/Fellow physician regarding his/her qualifications for hospital appointment, is verified from the source i.e.: medical school, specialty training, experience, and clinical competence.

Why appointed?
Hospitals must protect their patients and themselves by verifying that all physicians are trained, experienced and competent to practice medicine in their individual facility. This helps protect hospitals from legal action and assures compliance with Medicare regulations, Joint Commission Standards, and the Texas Medical Board.

How does the initial application process begin?
We must receive an appointment letter and CV from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Program Director in which the resident/fellow is to complete his/her training.

When does the initial application process begin?
When the completed packet, including originally signed contract, Residency/Fellow Application, photo and all required attachments (as detailed on the check list) are returned, then the application process begins.

How is credentiling accomplished?
•  When all provider demographic data is entered into the hospital database.
•  When verification queries are forwarded to appropriate primary sources.
•  Notices are sent to the practitioner when required information is missing.
•  When all of the verifications and required documentation are received.

How do hospitals establish appointment criteria?
All hospitals design Bylaws, Policies and Procedures that outline what is required and expected of each physician in order to ensure that they are professionally qualified to provide patient care services including: licensure, relevant training and experience, current competence, and health status.

How long does it take to process an application?
The time to process an application depends on how much information must be verified and how soon the requested information is received.  Our goal is to complete an application within 30-60 days from the date the application is received by the Graduate Medical Education Office. Incomplete applications, missing documentation and verification of foreign education can extend the time. Residents/fellows will be contacted to assist in obtaining any complex primary source verifications.

NOTE: The burden of providing a complete application lies solely with the applicant.

How is a Physician In Training Permit obtained?
All physicians are required to have either a Physician In Training Permit or a Texas State Medical License.

The Graduate Medical Education office submits a report to the Texas Medical Board for physicians requiring a permit. Texas Medical Board reviews report and forwards ID verification numbers to the Graduate Medical Education office, which are e-mailed to the physicians with instructions on how to apply.

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